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0135 — “Make Disciples” Notes

The notes for the class mentioned in ISI #134, and an Excellent 8-minute video excerpt titled “No More Samaritans,” can be found at 20s30s Class Notes. (Click on the 090621 link on that page.)

I only got through maybe the first half of the notes (the PDF document at the above link), but the information […]

0134 — “GO!”, or “As you go…” ?

I have been tasked (that word sounds onerous, but in this case it is not; in fact, it is a blessing!) to teach the 20s/30s class Sunday morning. In 35 minutes or less (assuming our starting activities, including prayer, take less than 10 minutes!) I am to explain how to “take Christianity to the current […]

0133 — Christian Oxen

Well, I’m sitting here at the airport, trying to get to New Orleans but the DFW weather is not cooperating! Heavy thunderstorms there, so my flight to DFW is on hold, waiting for the DFW airport to be opened. <sigh> But, I had a thought to share with you, and have time to share it, […]