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0142 — Diary of a Believer (002)

Sheila explains why she published her Diary:

The Diary of a Believer also includes the events that encouraged, and sometimes forced me to examine my faith, figuring out exactly what I believed and why. These were the same events that slowly opened my spiritual eyes, leading me out of my incorrect assessment of the Lord, […]

0141 — Diary of a Believer (001)

I ordered DIARY OF A BELIEVER (by Sheila Gibson) about a week after I first heard about it on Al Maxey’s site. He did a complimentary review of her book back in July of 2008. He titled his review “A Quest to Break Free from Religious Mediocrity.” After reading her book I think a better […]

0140 — The Franchise Agreement

It’s (Almost) Friday! The Franchise Agreement

[acknowledgements below]

The other day, we elders were chatting about the possibility of canceling Wednesday night services for part of the summer. The volunteers in our children’s ministry are worn out, and the school year has gotten so long that the summer is filled with mission trips, VBS, and […]

0139 — Do you have DOGMA? (Part 2)

0139 – Do YOU have DOGMA? (Part 2)

Note: Part 1 was posted 7/14/2009. THIS part, Part 2, includes the first posting, for continuity, but then concludes the posting below, i.e., if you read the 7/14/2009 posting when it was published you may think the below is a duplicate, but only the first part below […]

0138 — Do YOU have DOGMA?

Well, do you? Have DOGMA, that is?

What is dogma, anyway? Is it bad or good? Well, I suspect that the answer is: It depends.

What is dogma?

Merriam-Webster thinks it is:

1 a: something held as an established opinion ; especially : a definite authoritative tenet b: a code of such tenets <pedagogical dogma> […]

0137 — “Antithetical Thinking?” What’s that?

CENI: Antithetical Thinking

Posted: 04 May 2009 05:00 AM PDT by Jay Guin


We humans have a natural tendency to overreact to emotionally traumatic events. We tend toward avoidance behaviors, that is, if one dog bites us, we stay 100 feet away from the next dog we see.

And this affects our theology. We […]

0136 — Where’s the verse for CENI?

CENI: Introduction

Posted: 02 May 2009 05:01 AM PDT by Jay Guin


I’ve been planning to say something on CENI hermeneutics for years. Now I finally get to it.

For those not familiar with the term, “CENI” is the internet abbreviation for Command, Example, and Necessary Inference. And CENI is the foundation of 20th […]