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0161 — Geneva Bible

Just thought I’d share a little piece of the Geneva Bible and notes with you. Don’t know how many of you are that familiar with it?

The Geneva Bible was, well, anathema is probably pretty much the right word, to King James. As you might suspect, the Geneva Bible was translated and produced […]

0160 — Context? Context? What is Context?

How can something be “out of context?” Or, how can something said (or written) be taken “out of context?” More particularly, is all scripture always “in context,” or can scripture be taken “out of context” too, i.e., does it sometimes NOT say what it SEEMS to say?

One of my sons has been writing a […]

0159 — The Emerging Emergent Church

So just what is the “Emergent Church” anyway? Or is it the “Emerging Church?” I’ve heard it both ways. And I’ve been really interested to find out just what it (whichever) is, so that when I was given the book WHY WE’RE NOT EMERGENT, by Deyoung & Kluck, I immediately dropped everything I was doing […]

0158 — I AM SECOND

Let me recommend a book for you: I AM SECOND, by Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett. I remember the first thing I thought when I unwrapped it last Christmas was, “What kind of a title is that?” Followed by, “I wonder what it MEANS?”

Well, what it means is, that Jesus is First, and I’m […]

0157 — Worship not Music?

We attended a 10-hour Christian worship concert today. I guess there were 10,000 people there, but I don’t know for sure; I’m not experienced at estimating crowd sizes. Heard a lot of excellent Christian artists.

Near the end, between two groups, we got a sermon. At least I was guessing it was a sermon, before […]

0156 — Plague of Patternism

I’ve been saving the following article by Edward Fudge to share with you. When I “saved” it I didn’t realize it would be years before I shared it, but… that’s ok. Here it is:



Part 1 – Background

Aug 16, 2009

All Christians agree that Jesus is our pattern, […]

0155 — Teen Cell Phones

This is something I picked up 3rd-hand, so unfortunately I can not properly credit the source – but he (The Source) was brilliant!

Picture this: He was speaking to a large youth event, probably 500 or so teens. Just after he is introduced he takes the microphone and says: “Everyone, please get your […]

0154 — Reasons to Believe

Hmmm, I imagine you are wondering, “Reasons to believe WHAT?” Right? In a nutshell, reasons to believe that GOD exists and that He is the Creator and that science bears testimony to both those facts.

So some of you may stop reading right here, since I said “facts” instead of “hypotheses.” But if you’ll hang […]

0153 — Behold the Sectarian Pattern

I had thought about using a different title, but in deference to the author I just kept the title of his original article, “Behold the Sectarian Pattern.”

Joe Beam has a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering (when you finally look at your watch) how an hour went by […]