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0160 — Context? Context? What is Context?

How can something be “out of context?” Or, how can something said (or written) be taken “out of context?” More particularly, is all scripture always “in context,” or can scripture be taken “out of context” too, i.e., does it sometimes NOT say what it SEEMS to say?

One of my sons has been writing a […]

0157 — Worship not Music?

We attended a 10-hour Christian worship concert today. I guess there were 10,000 people there, but I don’t know for sure; I’m not experienced at estimating crowd sizes. Heard a lot of excellent Christian artists.

Near the end, between two groups, we got a sermon. At least I was guessing it was a sermon, before […]

0156 — Plague of Patternism

I’ve been saving the following article by Edward Fudge to share with you. When I “saved” it I didn’t realize it would be years before I shared it, but… that’s ok. Here it is:



Part 1 – Background

Aug 16, 2009

All Christians agree that Jesus is our pattern, […]

0148 — IS God “in control?”

God’s will does not always come to pass.

Does that sound… wrong… somehow?

How many times have we heard, though normally stated in softer, more compassionate terms, “Just get over it! It happened, so it was obviously God’s will; accept it and get on with your life!”?

Sometimes it takes the form of, “Don’t grieve […]

0147 — Grace? or Faith? And?


Grace? Or Faith? Or Works? AND Works? ???



For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

Ephesians 2:8-9

How many times have you listened to a discussion, […]

0146 — IMPOSSIBLE to Repent!

Dear ISI’ers,

I saved this back in March from a posting by Jay Guin to put in the blog sometime. I was impressed all over again reading it just now, refreshing my memory as to why I had saved it in my “need to post someday” folder. Have you ever spoken with someone like the […]

0145 — Falling from Grace?

There’s not a lot for me to add to the plagiarized (well, it’s not plagiarized if I give credit to whom credit is due, right?) posting from Jay Guin except “Amen!”

I especially appreciate his definition of legalism; I think it pretty much hammers that nail down.

In Christ,



Falling from Grace: Why […]

0144 — Disputable Matters

I had never heard the discussion of “disputable matters” and “matters of indifference” presented in the way Jay does below. It hangs together for me. What about you?

In Him,



Falling from Grace: The Paradox of Romans 14 and Galatians

Posted: 17 Aug 2009 05:02 AM PDT (Jay Guin)


Of course, I […]

0143 — What Is a Restoration Church?

Sorry, don’t have much time to expound on this right now, but listen to this sermon (really more of a “talk”) when you get time!

Why? Because this “What is…?” talk is from someone with a lot of credibility with the “The Church of Christ IS The Kingdom, inclusively and exclusively” group… and he basically […]

0139 — Do you have DOGMA? (Part 2)

0139 – Do YOU have DOGMA? (Part 2)

Note: Part 1 was posted 7/14/2009. THIS part, Part 2, includes the first posting, for continuity, but then concludes the posting below, i.e., if you read the 7/14/2009 posting when it was published you may think the below is a duplicate, but only the first part below […]