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0156 — Plague of Patternism

I’ve been saving the following article by Edward Fudge to share with you. When I “saved” it I didn’t realize it would be years before I shared it, but… that’s ok. Here it is:



Part 1 – Background

Aug 16, 2009

All Christians agree that Jesus is our pattern, […]

0137 — “Antithetical Thinking?” What’s that?

CENI: Antithetical Thinking

Posted: 04 May 2009 05:00 AM PDT by Jay Guin


We humans have a natural tendency to overreact to emotionally traumatic events. We tend toward avoidance behaviors, that is, if one dog bites us, we stay 100 feet away from the next dog we see.

And this affects our theology. We […]

0136 — Where’s the verse for CENI?

CENI: Introduction

Posted: 02 May 2009 05:01 AM PDT by Jay Guin


I’ve been planning to say something on CENI hermeneutics for years. Now I finally get to it.

For those not familiar with the term, “CENI” is the internet abbreviation for Command, Example, and Necessary Inference. And CENI is the foundation of 20th […]