Ray Vander Laan: Follow the Rabbi

The original notes in the email I (Mark) received about these lectures follow:

Thanks to the work of David Scott, youth minister at the Mt. Hope Church of Christ, in Webb City, Missouri, Ray Vander Laan’s lectures on “Follow the Rabbi” that were delivered at Focus on the Family are available for download. The links follow:
Lessons 1 through 12 represent about 9 or 10 hours of lecture, and so I suggest you put these on CDs rather than trying to listen to them all from your computer. These are GREAT! I mean, they’ve been passed around my church, and I know people who’ve listened to all 9 or 10 hours 4 times. People are making copies for their kids and friends, and they are spreading like wildfire across the country. The lectures cover some of the same material as the DVD series, but the DVD lessons are shot on site and are designed for Bible class use. The mp3 downloads are a day’s worth of fascinating, mind-blowing lectures. And there’s no problem with listening to both. They each shed light on the other, but they are not the same. Oh, and you have to start at the beginning! Whoever was recording the series simply changed CDs in the recorder as each CD was filled, so the “lessons” tend to start in the middle of a lecture. (Note from Mark: That is why I made the COMBINED FILE, which contains ALL the lessons. But be warned, it is a 55 MB download!